About Us

LAUNCH ZONE is home to a huge indoor trampoline arena packed with high energy, high fun activities.

With 155 interconnected trampolines and over 1000 square metres of padding to land on, LAUNCH ZONE provides an exciting, active and safe environment where the sky is the limit!

With eight different trampoline zones, large viewing areas and a café, this fully air-conditioned venue caters for all ages and interests. Whether you're looking to improve your fitness, get an adrenaline rush or just Jump 2 It!, LAUNCH ZONE is the place for you.


LAUNCH ZONE trampolining activities are not just great fun,
but an exciting way for you to exercise and keep fit.

Just some of the benefits of rebound exercise include:

Cardio Fitness

Cardiovascular exercise no longer needs to be a mundane chore. Instead of pounding the pavement, doing potential damage to your joints and bones, why not bounce your way to fitness on a trampoline? Studies have shown that jumping on a trampoline for 10 minutes can achieve the same results as running for over 30 minutes. In addition, the springs on a trampoline provide a soft, low-impact workout, a smart alternative to other forms of exercise.

Weight loss and Muscle Tone

Trampolining provides a high intensity workout, burning calories and helping to shed those unwanted kilos. Who doesn't want to swap their flabby parts for tone and definition? Trampolining has also been shown to help tighten and tone your muscles, at the same time as strengthening your core. Jumping on a trampoline also has the additional benefits of improving your posture and general muscle strength. So if you're looking for a fun and exciting way to get in shape Jump 2 It!


Jumping on a trampoline is a fun way to work on your balance and agility. Regular bouncing can also help to increase muscle control and improve your overall co-ordination.

Easy Exercise

Trampolining can provide you with a fun and intense all-round workout that, unlike other forms of exercise, doesn't place enormous strain on your joints. The springs on a trampoline provide a soft, low-impact workout, a smart alternative to high-impact jogging.

Healthy Lifestyle

Bouncing on a trampoline is amazing for burning calories, boosting your metabolism and increasing your oxygen intake.. Trampolining as a form of exercise will not only help you to improve your fitness, but also get you feeling healthy.

Stress Relief

Stress is an all too common part of today's fast paced lifestyle. Trampoline improves circulation, helping to pump oxygen to your brain, leaving you feeling happier and more alert. The exercise you get whilst bouncing on a trampoline also triggers endorphin releases from the brain, helping to enhance your mood and boost your energy.

With all these health benefits on offer what are you waiting for? Jump 2 It! at LAUNCH ZONE.



General $20 p/p for 1 hour / second hour free 

Students $18  p/p for 1 hour / second hour free

Juniors  $13 p/p for 1 hour / second hour free (5 and under)

All Day Pass - $25 p/p - unlimited jump hours (only 50 available daily)

Launch Zone Socks

Launch Zone socks are compulsory for all jumpers for hygiene and safety reasons and can be purchased at a cost of $3 p/p. These socks are reusable so if you already have a pair please bring them with you for your session and you won't need to purchase another set.


To add to your jumping experience you can hire a Boucneboard at a cost of $5. Bounceboards come in 2 sizes.