LAUNCH ZONE features several
different trampoline experiences

Including a huge main arena, three Olympic sized trampolines, a dodge ball arena,
and Australia's first Cageball!

See below for what we have on offer.

Extreme Zone

The main arena of LAUNCH ZONE is a massive trampoline area made up of 70 connecting trampolines, and an enourmous Air Bag for you to land on. Perfect for running, jumping and free styling, the Extreme Zone is place to get your heart pumping.

While you're here, why not try out one of our Bounceboards - lightweight and flexible, these trampoline boards are perfect for practicing snowboard, wakeboard, kite surfing, skateboard and surfing tricks and techniques.

Olympic Zone

The Olympic Zone is home to 3 Olympic sized trampolines, designed to enable you to get some serious air! In addition to the massive trampolines, the Olympic Zone is also home to 'The Wall' This is a huge padded wall backing onto the trampolines where you can push yourself to your vertical limits by trying to leap onto as high a wall as possible.

The Wall is for our more experienced jumpers looking for a challenge. This area is perfect for jumping, free styling and working on your trick techniques.

Flip Zone

The Flip Zone features trampolines stretching out 15 metres, with huge foam pits at the end for you to dive into! Run and jump along this zone and vault yourself into our foam pits again and again.

Dodgeball Arena

The Dodgeball Arena combines the classic ball game with trampolines, creating a fast paced, high-energy competition. With up to 8 people on a team, you'll be able to battle it out on the trampolines, jumping and throwing soft dodge balls around the arena.

Basketball Zone

Are you a basketball fanatic? Well you're going to love the basketball court at LAUNCH ZONE! Made up entirely of trampolines, our court gives you the chance to bounce your way through the game and achieve that dream of doing a slam-dunk, with the help of the serious air you get from our trampolines!

Junior Zone

LAUNCH ZONE offers a Junior Zone, which is restricted for children 5 years and under. Featuring a massive area of interconnecting trampolines and a foam pit to jump into, this area is perfect for the little ones, and is conveniently located next to our Parents Zone and Launch Café.


Introducing the most extreme
new trampoline sport around

LAUNCH ZONE is the first centre to offer this trampoline based competition sport. Cageball is the latest craze in the US? – it involves two competitors in a fast-paced 3 minute showdown. Cageball separates two players on a trampoline with a clear wall, and gives you only 3 minutes to try and score more points than your opponent. Cageball is like nothing you have ever seen before!

Slam Dunk basketball Zone

Test your slam-dunking skills on our 2, 10m long trampoline runways with fully adjustable basketball rings/backboards. Use the basketball image attached, as the picture.